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  • Karungkunthal Hair Oil + Darkening Hair 200ML
  • Product Description Swami Sivanandha’s Karungkunthal Hair Oil is traditionally formulated according to the Siddha method. It is made using the best selected false daily extract and herbs to promote hair darkening and greying hair and prevents premature greying. Constant use of Swami Sivanandha’s Karungkunthal Hair Oil will enhance the black tones of hair. BENEFITS: 1. Formulated with False Daisy extract and pure coconut oil 2. Adds volume to hair's colour 3. Prevents premature graying 4. Does not leave oily scalp 5. 200ml hair oil PRODUCT USAGE: 1. Apply intended amount on palm and gently massage oil into scalp from roots to tips of hair 2. Leave on hair for 10 minutes 3. Rinse thoroughly and wash hair with Swami Sivanandha's Karungkunthal Shampoo.

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